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Our home, our heart, our Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬

From our humble beginnings, we've come so far and accomplished so much. Thank you for being a place we call home. Cheers to many more years & milestones ahead!

Here's a little surprise, in continuation with the Jubilee Weekend special, we've got our Alphas to join in the celebrations too!

#5 Go ahead with your wishes for Singapore!

I'm privileged to call this place home. I hope that we mature as one but never forget where we came from. @forthegerbera

hey singapore, thank you so much for giving us such a safe and comfortable environment for us to live in xx @decadentdrama

It takes a lot more to build a nation than tall buildings and perfectly lined trees, and in so many ways, we have come together to show the world that the people of Singapore are united as one. Happy Birthday Singapore, and to all of us! May we continue to fly our flag proud and high! ❀️ – Joanne

Here's wishing a happy 50th birthday to Singapore! So proud of how far we all have come. @nakedgloryvera

Happy birthday Singapore!!! May you prosper and please stop being so hot even at 50 years old. 😜 @brenwho

Good one, Brenda! Haha

So blessed to be living in this beautiful metropolitan dream and onward to #SG100! @missamandaleong

I count it as my blessing to be born and bred in this beautiful country. Singapore will always be the place I proudly call my home, regardless of where I am. Happy 50th birthday Singapore! @missgoob

Happy 50th National Day, Singapore! May we always strive to make our home a safe, clean, comfortable, and peaceful place to live in! @kathleenkong

I wish this little red dot another prosperous 50 years. Thank you for always having your door open for me, the table full of food and a place for me to carve out my future. - Nic

May Singapore continue being one of the safest cities to live in and also be one of the world's prosperous nations! - Fiza

Happy SG50! May Singapore continue to prosper, be safe and secure, clean and green forever. @ongaileng

Happy 50th, my dear Singapore! I may not always be based here cos' of work, but you'll definitely always be Home. @iamnatho

Wishing Singapore another fifty years to come! May we enjoy a clean and green city, ever prosperous with happy citizens! @bbernice

Happy birthday Singapore! You've been nothing but an amazing home to all. I'm really honored and glad to be Singaporean. May you prosper even more in the years to come! :) @briannawonggg

Thank you for giving us independence & security throughout these 50 years! At the heart of it all, may Singapore continue to blossom and inspire generations after generations. @corlisstann

Happy Golden Jubilee Singapore! You're gold, my precious home, where all the people and things I love are. ❀️❀️ Miao Ru

Happy birthday Singapore! May the future be brighter than ever! @ohohlawrence

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SINGAPORE! Thank you for giving me the best that you've had even when I had nothing to offer in the past.
Count on me to make you proud.

The best for you is certainly yet to be.
You're fifty but certainly very nifty.

Happy birthday Singapore and thank you for being a safe place that I can proudly call home. @jazreeltan

It's been 50 years and this tiny county never fail to make big names for itself ! Walau Wei - Jasmine Danker

I am so glad to be born here in Singapore. If I were given a chance to choose, I'd still choose to be born here! I love you Singapore ❀️ @dancexpression

Happy 50th birthday Singapore! Thanks for being such a safe haven for all of us! You'll always be the cleanest and safest place for us! 😁 - Minhua

My wish for Singapore is that she would continue to grow stronger and happier!!! @carrieyeo

What can I say? You've given me and my family, a home, dreams, and a future. Let's grow up together Singapore, and learn to define and redefine ourselves. And while we may not always agree, may we always choose to stick together as one country, as one people from a dozen lands, and as one Singapore. ❀️
- Diya

Happy birthday Singapore!! Here's to more wonderful years and times ahead, thank you for being such a great place to grow up in with the safe and clean spaces, and meritocracy system where everyone can have equal opportunities and chances to fulfil their dreams! πŸŽ‰β˜ΊοΈ @jocinaaa

50 down, plenty more to go. Keep growing, keep striving... Majulah, Singapura. - Kelly

As much as we love to complain about how stressful and hectic life is in Singapore, at the end of the day we still feel immense pride carrying that little red book of ours wherever we go. This is SINGAPORE, my home, my life. Here's to another 50 fabulous years as an amazing place to be, to grow and to love. @jhwphay

Once again,
Happy 50th Birthday Singapore! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
Stay beautiful!

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