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Going Furnomenal! πŸΆπŸ±πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬

Goooood day Churpers!

Churpie’s been so engrossed with Clubpets since this morning; wonder what he’s reading about?

Flip to Page 120 onwards and you’ll find out!

Ahhh Clubpets 50 Furnomenal pets special is finally out! Our lovely Alphas and their furry friends 🐱🐢 made it to this issue woohoo!

As part of the celebration for Singapore’s 50th birthday, Clubpets featured 50 pets and their owners in which half of them were from @churpsg & @nuffnangsg 😊

Looking through the pages, it’s amazing how all the pets were photographed so nicely together with their owners. Brings back good memories to the days we had the photoshoot...


For most of them, it was their first time being photographed in a studio setting, how exciting! And here we have...

the lovely @constancelau & her Papilion-mini Pinscher mixed, Jewel,

@decadentdrama and her Toy Poodle, Rover

Here’s Rover impressing the ladies with his tricks πŸ˜‰

@dorasoh and her (even smaller) Toy Poodle, Polly!

Polly’s a little shy so naturally she will keep close and snuggle up to Dora.

@missgoob’s Schnauzer, Gooby, was a little stunned by the lights and sound coming from the camera at first haha aww

Then we had @jocinaaa’s Schnauzers, Oreo and Milky. Being a 10 months old pup, it took a while for little Oreo to settle down but all's good in the end!

@missamandaleong’s cats, Mojo, Putin and Winston! She has 5 cats by the way but only brought 3 for the photoshoot, thank goodness as it was pretty hard getting all of them together for the photo. At one point, one of them decided to play hide & seek and went missing. Hoho nonetheless, it was still a fun session!

Last but definitely not least, we have Caleen’s Pupu & Sox! Pupu is a Shih Tzu, while Sox is a Samoyed mixed Goldie.

Do you know why he’s called Sox? Check out the colour of his paws, they’re white! Don’t they look like socks to you? πŸ˜„

This big guy definitely knows how to make an entrance, exploring the studio, making himself feel at home, saying Hi to everything and capturing everyone’s hearts.

That’s the black toy he’s been chewing on since finding it at the studio, didn’t budge despite Luke (from Clubpets)’s embrace.

So anyways, getting the perfect shot is all about team effort, not just the owner and pet but...

yup we gotta be animals ourselves too hahhaha great job guys!’s a wrap!

The dog mums having their chit-chat session. Long day with the kids eh πŸ˜‚

Such a wonderful photoshoot session with our Alphas and their fur babies, with everyone looking so fine! Thank you Clubpets Magazine for the feature!

If you haven’t already gotten your copy, head down to the nearest magazine stands now (subject to availability)! Stay tuned to @nuffnangsg’s Dayre for more on their Bloggeratis and their pets too!

Have a fur-tastic week ahead Churpers! 😜

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Wednesday, 30 Sep 2015

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