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Re-reading last's night post made me laugh HAHAHAHA walao so bipolarI complain so much about not losing weight and I even accused my friends of sugarcoating their words. I freaking went and try on shorts I bought MONTHS ago that I couldn't fit in and now I'm wearing it to campus HAHAHAHA i damn happy pls

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Ma de I damn depressed now

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Back when I lived in Setia Alam, this mamak was my go-to place to tapau food. I didn't know I went here so often until the waiters remember me hahaha. Now that I moved out, I barely come here and if I do, it's only because of the car wash centre beside it.I decided to wash my brother's car (little sis of the year pls) and sip some teh ais at the mamak while waiting and while taking my order, the waiter suddenly asked "asal lama tak mari? (You haven't been here in awhile. Why?)"

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"How every zodiac signs ruin their own lives without even trying to."This is so true!!! I always see myself as someone with big dreams; with ambitions. But I almost never commit to them, that I end up having an existential crisis.I'm pretty obsessed with astrology signs, as I find these very accurate. Of course there are some irrelevant ones as well but I judge my day and my life based on my zodiac sign.

It's only the second week of semester 2 and my schedule is packed as Hell. I know this is a little too early so say, but I think I can do this semester better than the previous semester. Why? Because I finally get to lepak with my college mates again and, despite taking different courses and studying in different universities, our schedules don't clash so can yum cha all day everyday!!!!!

Decided to sign up for Radio Monash and Cinematic Club to kill my free time and be more productive! I initially wanted to join Monash's Muay Thai club but I can train alone since I still remember all the basic steps. I also don't want to pay for gym AND Muay Thai classes lol cheap.I personally think my song selections are lit af even though I'm a typical basic bitch who listens to PND, Drake and Bryson Tiller but my friends love my Spotify playlist ok hahahaha

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