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January 2017

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I'm thinking of getting my hair done like this, but just the bottom half instead of the whole head. I've had countless of bad experience with bleach, hence why I'm thinking 64 times if I want to really dye it or not lol. It's a really pretty colour tho!!! I reckon this is one of 2017's hair colour trends.

Lol honest to God if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have gotten myself in this mess

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Getting my car plate fixed 🤣

HAHAHAHAHAHA wtf sia I think today I drove like orang gila because my car plate came off!! Wtf HAHAHA funny ok

I don't know what is up with myself these days. I'm always so lethargic even though I sleep more than 8 hours a day. Eh hello my after-class nap is already 2 hours minimum ok what shit lack of sleep. But can anyone tell me why is it that when I wake up from my nap or sleep, I'll still feel very sluggish?All I did today was head down to Zawara Coffee and did my assignment there. After that, I head straight back home and.... sleep. WTF.

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