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June 2017

Believe it or not, I did not sleep at all last night lol. I cried til 7 AM, and then I got so tired of crying I KO until 1PM wtf. I couldn't stop thinking about the whole incident, even til now. It's literally messing with my mind.You'd think I'd be okay after I woke up but nope. The first thing I did when I woke up was cry. When I was done crying about last night, I watched SISTAR's new (and last) MV and cried again LOL

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Fuck Malaysian Drivers

I normally post my rant on Twitter bc its character limit makes me rant less since I can only fit so much in one tweet. But this, this I need to have a long ass rant on. And Dayre is the only platform I can go to to vent out everything. Get ready

March 2017

I don't think anyone knows how depressing it is for me to see people my age (and younger) hang out w their friends til late night. I use the term "depressing" because that is how I feel about it. It may seem petty to think this way, and some people much prefer to stay home and do nothing, but sometimes the boredom gets to me and I start to feel restless, and sad that I don't have a rather "happening" social life.

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The end result!!! Omg thank you so much Editor Salon!Honestly, the stylists there are the friendliest bunch I've ever met, and they really care about my hair.My hair is naturally fine and I've dyed my hair black before. If your hair is jet black, be it dyed or natural hair colour, it is VERY hard for the bleach to penetrate in your hair. Hence why you might need to bleach more than once.My hair, however is too fine to be bleached too many times.

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Touch up time!! ((While reading academic articles for assignment lol))Idk what colour am I going for this time, I just let the hairstylist do what he wants since he knows best.I did told him I want to either maintain the purple hue or go rose gold tho 🤔 can't wait to see how my hair looks!!

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This sticker is literally me rn. I can't believe Lily is debating with me over how much our parents earn and who is the "richer" friend like bitch whet the feck???? Are you friends with me just for money? Do you think I'm friends with you for your money??? IM CONFUZZLED

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