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break my high score I eat your meatballs

Crossy road has been on the App Store for a long time I know, but I’ve recently downloaded it again over the weekends.

The game is great, the thing issssss...

my boyfriend.

he’s crazily competitive in the game as we take turns to play on my phone (over the weekends). He left a high score of 99 when we part on Sunday.

I broke that high score yesterday with 135.

This boy was so unsatisfied he downloaded the game on his phone and played till he broke my high score of 135. He said ‘break my high score and I eat all your meatballs’ 💆🏽‍♀️

(we had bought 1kg worth of IKEA meatballs which left at his place)

he crazy!!!! threatened my meatballs hahaha. I was on shift yesterday so I didn’t have much time to break his high score duh haha.

I thought it ended there. NO IT DIDNT.

he broke the roof with this.

and through this ‘friendly’ competition it reminds me of how we were when we were friends, and honestly being together now didn’t take away much of what we were before.

Accepting and embracing your partner in their ways is so important.

I mean this is just how it would sound if I put it nicely la hahaha. he is a dear in every other way (not this when he alwayssss has to win me in games hahah).

Day 324

Tuesday, 20 Nov 2018

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