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It’s the first few hours of the 48 hour take-home exam!!!!

It’s also the first day of a 3 day consecutive off hehe. As much as I said I’m going to camp early at Starbucks, I couldn’t resist the temptation of sleeping in and my FAVOURITE DISH that my mum cooked 🌚

Throughout secondary school and poly years, when I was young and dumb, my mum often lured me home with food. The best lure was air fried crispy pork 🤤


It poured really heavily earlier when I was at the bus stop, and I saw this little girl (probably 7 years old??) braving the rain while pushing her baby Brother in his pram. The baby was sheltered by the pram’s hood, but she wasn’t. Then I saw her parents behind her, both holding an umbrella each 🤦🏻‍♀️ why didn’t they share one and let her have one umbrella, i don’t know. Or at least shelter her while she push the pram???

I thought she was really sweet, cos when she reached the bus stop she turned back to her parents and give a thumbs up hahahaha. So I gestured to her to move inwards a little more cos she was technically still under the rain, but her Brother’s pram under the bus shelter hahah.

I passed her some tissues to wipe herself dry, but she wiped her Brother first. She was so chirpy, repeatedly saying thank you and cooing her baby brother.

She seemed like she’ll grow up nicely, to be a kind lady.

I doubt I was anything like her when I was her age hahaha, probably gave death stares to strangers that tried talking to me. RBF starts the moment you’re born you see.

Day 164

Wednesday, 13 Jun 2018

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