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updated 11 months ago

I must say I’ve never really been truly happy recently. I do know what’s making me down in spirit, but it just feels like this thing weighs down everything and nothing feels any better.

On this day, we had a lot of laughs while taking all these photos, but somehow I feel that all of us are facing struggles of our own that we’re still hurting from and smiles were temporary.

Then again, I can’t ask for smiles all day round but I just hope to see a light at the end of this tunnel.

While this blackhole of misery keeps sucking me, I’m grateful for him that’s being the best support and honestly the least of my problem. I give a big question mark when people at work ask if I’m sulking because I fought with him.

We’ve been cooking this and that together and it feels so good. Going grocery shopping, cooking together, having a good meal and getting food comas together straightaway. This is how our ‘dates’ are like every damn time. I still love it like how I did the first time


Day 204

Monday, 23 Jul 2018

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