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I just submitted the first assignment for this trimester. It’s a fairly easy piece, just a reflection in letter format to your 12 year old self.

I didn’t want to go too personal at first. I just wanted to outline the troubles when I was growing up, that’s all.

All along, I always felt like the incident in secondary school was the worst. But nope.

That incident have a contender. And the winner goes to the incident 3 years ago.

I still feel all sorts of emotions when I even think about it. I suppose this is a sign that I have not let go, much less forgive. I still remember everything like it’s just last month or just last year. Then again, do I want to let it go?????? i don’t know. Presently, it’s a reminder to never be reliant on anyone.

I hope one day when I stumble upon this again, I would have faint memory of what happened and has grown out of the fear of being outcasted and being alone.

Day 211

Monday, 30 Jul 2018

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