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April 2019

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I love these kind of morning breakfast situations. We never gave the twin boys a name, except for referring by the color of the collar that they’re wearing. So this little one is the one that’s calm, patient and never too greedy for food. The other twin is all over the place when you sit around the coffee table or dining table with food.

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THEY’RE ADORABLE!!!!!!! The kittens have been adjusting really well and especially this little one. He’s super clingy even to the doggies at home. He’ll brush himself on them whenever he walk past and this happened during nap time heart seriously (‘:

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This is my view every time he’s bored from his documentaries and his game is mining. His light taps on the bed, telling me to stop work and join him. He is approaching the end of his national service really soon. Next up all I wish for is for him to truly enjoy uni and not remod haha 🤪

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