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July 2018

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I just submitted the first assignment for this trimester. It’s a fairly easy piece, just a reflection in letter format to your 12 year old self. I didn’t want to go too personal at first. I just wanted to outline the troubles when I was growing up, that’s all. All along, I always felt like the incident in secondary school was the worst. But nope.That incident have a contender. And the winner goes to the incident 3 years ago.

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I must say I’ve never really been truly happy recently. I do know what’s making me down in spirit, but it just feels like this thing weighs down everything and nothing feels any better. On this day, we had a lot of laughs while taking all these photos, but somehow I feel that all of us are facing struggles of our own that we’re still hurting from and smiles were temporary. Then again, I can’t ask for smiles all day round but I just hope to see a light at the end of this tunnel.

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A new trimester has started! This time ending in October.Met up with these people who shared a part of our time together in the same hell hole. 3 hours of just talking felt amazing haha, and I’ll take this kinda meet up over anything else. I’m on my way to my first lesson of the trimester, but I have no idea what module or which classroom to go to (‘: I’m dreading to find out though. ahhhhhhh I just want to stay home

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