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The past few days with this infection was torturous, I was frightened from time to time when I wake up and I couldn’t hear him at all. If there’s one thing my boyfriend would nag and be stern about, it would be my health. I hate taking tablets or any form of medicine in general, so I would drag the time as long as I can until I can’t take the pain anymore then I would eat.

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It’s a terrible terrible decision to exercise with this really bad earache. It wasn’t that bad before I started but now that I’m done, I’m regretting it all. After the exercise, just two sets of an exercises, 3 sets of stair climbing and squats, we went to MacDonald’s!!!!!!!! The cashier was just plain rude 🙄 working in f'n'b too I know some customers are annoying ok, and I talk about them too. BUT GIRL


At the clinic now because of a really really bad earache. I felt it yesterday but couldn’t go to the doctor. I couldn’t sleep on my sides last night cos it hurts so bad. LO AND BEHOLD, I woke up with a worsen earache. I couldn’t even open my mouth without feeling the ache and MY HEARING IS MUFFLED fml. I can’t hear myself properly. WHAT IS GOING ON.

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It's been work work work, while squeezing in little pockets of time to study. Recently, we had talks about the future a couple of times more than the usual. I still believe that it'll be a good time next year or two years from now 🌱

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