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May 2018

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You move on to the next phase of your national service, while I'm closing up the trimester with exams coming up. I past an insensitive remark that day, and you went silent. At times like this, it dawn on me the things that we know exists but don't talk about. We talked it out and I reminded you the importance of sharing your innermost feelings with me.

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IT'S MONDAY AGAIN. On a good note, there's a lotta free time to study this week. Disappointment from my two submissions, accompanied with fear of having take the module again. I don't wanttttt. I can't go through the same pain another time, the next time it'll KILL.

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8 months; Graduated

Immensely proud of you for the achievements you don on your uniform, and just you being you. It was a rough journey getting here, from BMT to today and I know you do your best in every activity. As much as I can't wait for all of this to be over, but I definitely do hope you would build as many memories as you can, for this national service must be a hell of a ride for you.

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It's back to being physically alone for awhile. There's many things to be done this week, to make sure things go as planned.

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blissful weekend

I thought I would take a nap after dinner and you kept pushing me to go shower, I was really tired and lazy today so I insisted later. You stopped with your playful gestures and looked at me, then told me gently that you'll go play games first. LO AND BEHOLD, I JUST WOKE UP FROM MY NAP OF 4 HOURS. I woke up a couple of times before this, because you were so loud playing with your friend,singing “大笨象、大笨象”.

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