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updated 1 year ago

I am backkkkk!!! 🙌🏻

It’s been hard to start writing again, but here I am

I tried going on WBI after the news of Dayre broke, but it just didn’t work out. Not yet at least. And with the #savedayre efforts going around, the least I could do is come back here and show by support by posting. I guess?

It’s CNY eve and is it me or it totally doesn’t feel like CNY this year 🤔

Decorations (or the lack thereof) are so sparse and the mood is just not that. I used to LOVEEEEE cny! I still do, but the thought of not being able to spend the full day 1 with my side of the family makes me wanna cry! 😭😭

I loveeee visiting with my mum’s extended side in Singapore. If you haven’t already know, I used to spend the first few days of CNY back in KL. With occasional years in SG but rarely.

This year’s the first year spending day 1 away from my family. And I don’t know how to feel about. It’s so weird yet it’s not like it’s my first time spending CNY with S family.

Why doesn’t anyone talk about this weirdness you get after getting married? Or am I the only one who feels this way?

Okay it’s my stop now so bye!

Got me (and the house) some flowers for the new year!! 💐

There’s something bout buying flowers for myself than having someone gift them to you. I appreciate them more if they’re from me to me 🤷🏻‍♀️

Mi fat fez heading to our reunion dinner~

Do older people like having dinner early? Our neighbour (a pair of old folks) had their reunion dinner at 4pm!!! 😱 we heard them cooking and eating and I thought it was already 6pm and we were late but nuuuu

My flower girl! 😍 she’s the sweetest really. She started drawing well wishes for everyone at the table and sending them via the lazy susan! HAHAHAHA 😂 and when it came to me, she drew a heart and pointed at me omg my heart melted!

and that’s why I’d rather have a daughter over a son. Daughters are sooo manja and they know the way to your heart hehe not saying that I am pregnant ah omg I just cannottttt wait till all the questions during CNY 🙄🙃

Day 46

Thursday, 15 Feb 2018

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fannyhuili (avatar)

fannyhuili With time, the weirdness will go away n u may even start looking forward to it 😊

1 year ago

sweetpea (avatar)

sweetpea I’m with you on the weirdness!

1 year ago

chrislovee (avatar)

chrislovee @fannyhuili really 😭

1 year ago

chrislovee (avatar)

chrislovee @sweetpea right!!! And no one warns us bout the weirdness 😭😕

1 year ago

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