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updated 11 months ago

All the ‘What ifs’

Hi Dayre. I’m back.

Guess Dayre is gonna stay here for awhile longer.

THANK YOU @sgbudgetbabe !! ❤️ know that we’re all behind you in this.

I was reading @/nicolethen post yesterday about knowing when you’re ready for a baby. And it got me thinking.

We’re 4 months away to being 1 year. And I did say we’ll start to think about it after 1 year. Which is going to be soon, at the speed time is flying. (WE ARE IN MARCH ALREADY THIS IS SO CRAZY)

When will you know if you’re ready to be a parent? I mean, you can take all the courses out there to teach you.

But how would you KNOW know?

Even keeping a pet, it’ll help you be ready for added responsibilities. But it’ll never compare to the responsibilities of having your own child.

What if, you have your own child and you decide you’re not ready for it? This is something you can’t really undo and just have to figure how to live with it.

Then comes the next question.

What if you’re ready but you find out you can’t conceive?

What do you do then?

Do you adopt? Surrogate? Stay childless?

The questions never end.

Day 61

Friday, 2 Mar 2018

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fannyhuili (avatar)

fannyhuili U will automatically know when u r ready de..

11 months ago

yeomabel (avatar)

yeomabel Born first i help you play with

11 months ago

shortyminimad (avatar)

shortyminimad You nv know you’re ready. Like.. I don’t think I am?.. 🤣🤣 we nv even go for any prep course or whatever, just gonna whack it?.. it’s more of whether you want a kid or not ba.. 😘😘 @yeomabel is it free babysitting services offered?

11 months ago

yeomabel (avatar)

yeomabel Limited to playing only no changing diaper and all that coz that’s still a complete nightmare to me LOL and I can’t embrace it even if it’s Lele @shortyminimad

11 months ago

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