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I'm as awkward as an awkward turtle

August 2017

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Good Parenting

So I chanced upon this post on FB one day and y'know, it was just one of the posts that you see online but it kinda doesn't affect you much cos it dint happen to you?

July 2017

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What I learnt being 1 month married 👰đŸģ

Good morning everyone!! It's been 3 months since I started adjusting my body clock to waking up at 7.30am daily and my body still hates me for it LULZ It also has been 1 month since our wedding 😱 time flew by so fast?! Honestly, I do miss our wedding and the fun we had just being with friends and loved ones ❤ī¸ Anyways I wanted to do a 'what have I learnt after 1 month into marriage' cause people have been asking me how does it feel and I haven't really sat down to think.

June 2017

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I had the funniest moment with my Grab driver.

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HI DAYRE! Wow, it's been 4 days since our wedding and I've been meaning to pen it down so I can remember it for life but somehow, work consumed me ☚ī¸ Usually couples take leave the week after the wedding, but both of us kinda dived right back into work. So it kinda doesn't feel like we're married / moved out together but yet it feels that way too. #dayrebrides

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