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Lunch time!

Sweet and sour pork
Hard boiled egg
Xiao bai cai
Shimeiji mushrooms
Fist sized rice

Got my taobao ordered coffee from my China colleague who went back to her hometown for CNY

The blue packet is Blue Moutain Coffee! Hope it'll be nice! I ordered it from the 11.11 Times sia. So long ago hahaha

This cute little capsule of coffee is also from Taobao!


Just met up with my ex colleagues to settle my Aviva Navi stuffs.

Sometimes I still miss being a FA.

He said his busiest period last year had 7 appointments in a day. From 830am all the way till night time and still need to go back to office for Huddles. And he also gave out 30k as referral incentives.

The last time I was this busy, it was the first half year of my business. During BFC.

Now I'm jus leading my life slacking away. Sigh 😔 I feel like I'm wasting my life.

How how how?

I think I miss the adreline rush.
The rush of going for appointments after appointments.
The busy-ness ..

HIIT Workout

Beautiful sunset when working out!

Attendance photo taking as always

Burned 342 calories for an hour.
Did I workout enough?

And my dinner is just...

Nutrisoy milk, high calcium and reduced sugar small pack one

Day 43

Tuesday, 12 Feb 2019

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yibaifen (avatar)

yibaifen Wah wah, so is the coffee nice?

1 month ago

chocodoveelves (avatar)

chocodoveelves @yibaifen haven't tried yet hahah!

1 month ago

joreenchuajy (avatar)

joreenchuajy Wow! Who’s all these ppl! So nice to have a grp to workout tft

1 month ago

chocodoveelves (avatar)

chocodoveelves @joreenchuajy the free HPB ones!

1 month ago

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