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#dayremum to #babyhiew ❤️

February 2019

Back to work today on 初三! Office is actually closed (deducting leave 😤) but my leave already so pathetic and I don’t want to serve an extra day of notice if I get a new job (and also need to save for Potato-related emergencies). So I’m going back to work hahahahah.But it’s ok! I’m going back to an empty office (reminisce my OT days haha wtf). No bosses today & tomorrow! ✌🏻

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新年快乐 恭喜发财 万事如意!

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Legend of Hao Lan - my latest addiction! Love the costumes ♥️

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Potato came down with a fever yesterday, spiking at 38.8 around 3+am wo de tian 😨Gave paracetamol a few times, sponged him a few times, now his temp is hovering at high 36 ~ low 37. He’s still quite cheery for an unwell baby la. Still smiling & rolling & laughing but eating lesser and napping a lot. How to go visiting like that? Maybe good excuse not to hor? 🤔 or good reason to just tula him the whole day and say “baby’s not well, please don’t touch”. GWS please Potato 🙏🏻

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No queue at WWP’s Playmade!! Tried the brown sugar fresh milk but had to settle for burnt caramel pearls cuz their brown sugar pearls were oos 😒 Anyway this isn’t too bad, but I still prefer R&B (I know it isn’t an accurate comparison la hahahahah)

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