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Investment & minimalist living

August 2019

Father-son bonding trip

Financial independence— for the sake of your children

(Edited: not all can reach FI, but we should try our best)I have seen too many unhappy families around me due to the ‘evil money issues’. When you don’t have money you become very money minded. In our family, we hardly touch the topic of money, we have been keeping our finances separately even after I quit my job. Money has rarely come up in our daily conversations because we both have very similar spending habits and we have a common understanding of never letting money come between us.

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Dumb, dumber

We always joke about the fact that we have 8 professional qualifications between us (those need some blood and sweat to get la) the nerdy jokes go like this when one of us wants to win in an argument: please listen to me, because 你的老婆/老公我have x degrees. But our intelligence stops right at the eight papers lying somewhere in the house. When it comes to real life problem solving skills, we have

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filial piety? it’s all about perspectives

I have been thinking about buying a flat for my parents for the last few years. My parents are now staying in a spacious flat in a very good location back in my hometown, but the problem is it is a walk up apartment since it has only 5 storeys.

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birthday party idea (charity)

I am bad at holding birthday parties, it is just... too much work and too much socializing on my part..and I am lazy... more importantly I don’t believe in spending so much 💰on a 小屁孩’s birthday when I was the one suffering on that fateful day!But, when you have a child whose classmates and friends are throwing big birthday parties that look like prince and princess in the modern world, as a parent, you know that you can’t always deprive your child of one, otherwise he will feel left out.

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CPF—the cornerstone of our retirement income (part 2)

Thank you very much for helping me with the previous post, let’s continue to get this complex CPF thing right! Pls refer to the comment session for corrected info and continue to point out mistakes 🙏***The strategy of delaying in topup for tax relief in my previous post was geared more towards a potential high income earner who has big pay jump early on in his career. For people with lower pay, less increment, high tax relief, the best is to max out FRS asap and let compound work its magic

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