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Dear Dayre..

January 2019

Wow! Having food poisoning has never been so scary in my life, especially when you are pregnant. I am only 27 weeks in and having pain in my lower abdomen for 2 hours is definitely something I do NOT want. All is good in the end tho. Went to the doc to have it checked out and baby is fine. 😯 *phewFreaked myself and my PIL out a bit. Husband was insanely calm and logical which super helped! Thank you for driving back from work to bring me to the doc even when you are super busy at work. 😘

The kid has been super active these days. I can feel it moving even as I’m typing this. Happy to feel movements most of the time. Only time I’m not is when I’m driving and this fella decides to dance on my bladder. 🤦🏾‍♀️Love you all the same! 😘

Need to work faster and stop second guessing 💪🏼

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