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February 2017

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This week was OT week but I had a great weekend. Met up with raroro and had dinner with my siblings where we talked a lot and had good food. Also I managed to exercise twice this weekend so I'm feeling quite good about myself. Quite glad the weekend rly helped to recharge my energy levels and now I'm ready to face the upcoming tough week again 💪💪

January 2017

Since joining the morning rush hour crowd, I've noticed that every morning at Bishan MRT station, there will be service staff positioned at intervals along the platform. They carry blinking light sticks and when the train pulls in, they spring into action:

First day of work for 2017 and it felt like such a long day. But I got work done and even managed to go for ballet which truly energised me so I'm quite glad for that ^^ the amazing thing about going for ballet is that no matter how much my life outside the studio changes, class never changes. It's always about how well I can execute the exercises and how my movements can gel w the music

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