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Sometimes I suspect I'm bonkers

March 2019

I am onward to my second classpass lesson of this year, and i am bent on maximising the use of this package for three months. I had resolutions to keep fit for this year and lose my pants size (i am now struggling to put on XS and sometimes S) but i have no motivation.My lower body is meatier than my upper body, so i use to worry a lot about my boob size when i was trying to lose my thigh and butt. Unfortunately after every workout, my sports bra is ranked 1st — drenched in sweat.

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Private Post

February 2019

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Talking to a wall with only interests to reply regarding her eyelash extensions appt booking. Wtf I think as christians we (try our best to) go all out to accept every BS directed at us. To forgive and forget.I think that some people go home to a different problem everyday so we should treat them nicer although they can be very unloveable? Or maybe their family/co-workers drove them crazy they have to vent it out on you.

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