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June 2019

Genki desu ka?

Back in Japan for the second time this year πŸ₯³Honestly so blessed that my work sends me to Japan. My younger manga/anime loving self (ok who am I kidding, I still enjoy them) would have never dreamt of it. It’s currently an ungodly hour of 7.30am and I’m on the train to Shin-Osaka. Flying a red-eye reminds me how light of a sleeper I am...not that I haven’t attempted to hit the hay. I used ear plugs and an eye-mask but nope, didn’t work. I really want the Bose noise cancelling headphones now.

May 2019

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?? just felt like writing ??

It occurs to me that I’m not really a patient person at times. And that I can be entitled bitch especially when I call for a grab. I am irrationally annoyed when I have to walk to my grab car. Not even kidding, it’s a huge pet peeve. Like omg why can’t they pick me up at the location I’ve put in?? I mean, I’ll give some leeway if there is traffic or things blocking la but seriously, lol idk why I give a fuck about this but I really do. 🀦🏻‍♀️

March 2019

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Mini AP haul

Came home yesterday to this beaut πŸ₯° Here is a video of me gushing over the beautiful cut outs, straps and lace that is Robyn! 😍 been so worried about the bra being too small because some people have suggested to size up in the band for this but it fits perfect πŸ’―

February 2019

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why you never respect the fish? 🐟

Look at this beautiful overflowing bowl of ikura kaisen don 🀀 Also was the only person who enthusiastically shouted “oisah” with the jap chefs cos yknow I wanted to respect the fish but it turns out that the yelling is supposed to respect the fisherman oops. 🀷🏻‍♀️

January 2019

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2018 Lingerie

Gave up on my 2018 actual review but thought I’d do a quick lingerie round up and review so erm I know how much I’ve spent last year πŸ™ˆ

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