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Unboxing of Taobao hauls!

Our loots!!!

This was how it looked like after opening up the huge parcels. We were met with lots of small boxes.


Our key purchase would have to be this!!

Our dining chairs!

Surprised that they came fully assembled.

They’re solid wood. As with our whole dining set, they are freaking heavy.

We wanted to get our bench from taobao as well. But I couldn’t find a simple design that I liked. Plus I wouldn’t allow for three different wood tones in our dining area and figured that the bench bought here would amount the same. So we got them from the same shop as our dining table.

Chose a PU leather seat for more comfort though you can do w/o it.

Our wall holder? Not sure where we gonna mount it. Will get a better picture in due time.

This was a bit more costly. Hahaha, I don’t even know why we got them. I probably just sent the husband whatever I thought was nice and he just did the carting and so I ended up with this. I wanted a trio set. But I think the price would be be even more insane.

Toilet roll holder.

And so, we’ve got 4 of them! Trust the husband to cart out the right number. Whenever we receive more than what we wanted to order, be sure it’s because the husband carted our the wrong nos. rather than the seller mistakenly sent out the wrong order.

We ended up with one black and 3 stainless steel ones.

This was how it looks like. 9 bucks before shipping. Not sure if it’s cheap, but cheaper than what we can find in Singapore. So can’t complain.

Although I haven really try putting a toilet roll into it. Maybe I should to see if it works well.

Our MBR configuration is a shit to work with. I really can’t find an ideal place to put our holder. I really feel like sticking it on our shower glass panel on the left. The vanity cabinet is far to inwards to my liking.

Guess what these are?

Tada! Bins!

They have like an array of pastel colours. Chose pink for the pink common room and black for the rest.

The pink one looks better than the black though. These came with free rubbish bags! Yay

And also, slim fitting bin for our toilets.

But the husband only carted out one. And not to mention, destroyed it upon unboxing it. There’s suppose to be tic tac mechanism for the lid. But someone forcefully opened it and a creak sound followed. Opps, something’s spoilt. And now my bin can’t be closed. >:(

And this! Guess what it is! I’m still really eyeing on the 79 bucks one we saw at Suntec though.

Laundry basket that I think would only fit two sets of clothes? Lolol and we have gotten two of them. More like for baby laundry basket.

The other item which I’m most excited about! Our mopping kit. Will do a review next time when we finally get to use it.

I initially wanted to order the blue version. Looks nicer and better. But I think this earthy colour can pass as well?

And lastly, table wares!! Actually not the last item. There are a few more that I didn’t take any pictures and planning to only unbox at a later date

So glad that it came intact and nothing was broken. Was pleasantly surprise that it came with chopsticks and spoons as these were the other two most essential cutleries that we didn’t get from our cutlery set from ikea.

I forgotten how many pieces we’ve got. But from what I see, I think we have a decent amount of plates, bowls and serving wares to kick start.

There were so many nice wares on taobao. I had a hard time choosing one for our house. They have this in two colours. Black and white. Though the white’s more like off white or in Chinese rice colour 米色?

Here’s a sample of how it looks up close!

The bowl!

Excluding shipping, this cost us around 63 sgd for the whole set. Not too bad I think.

Overall, our taobao hauls were not that cheap, or not as cheap as we thought it would be. Because when we think about taobao, we think it’s dirt cheap. But if you pay for quality, not that cheap. But still cheaper than Singapore of course. And probably, the rest of the items were all quite heavy, hence the higher shipping price.

The other items will appear when I see them! Lol


Day 137

Friday, 17 May 2019

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mrsonggg (avatar)

mrsonggg Babe which courier did you use to send the items over!

1 month ago

pinkpigsfly (avatar)

pinkpigsfly Thank you for sharing your Taobao haul ◡̈

1 month ago

chertwin (avatar)

chertwin @mrsonggg taobao’s own shipping agent. Cainiao if i’m not wrong.

1 month ago

chertwin (avatar)

chertwin @pinkpigsfly happy to share! :)

1 month ago

mrsonggg (avatar)

mrsonggg I use them too!! But so ex!

1 month ago

deeeenyse (avatar)

deeeenyse love the tableware and the laundry basket!!!!

1 month ago

chertwin (avatar)

chertwin @mrsonggg maybe my next order I will try to look for a forwarder. Will update here if i managed to do it.

1 month ago

chertwin (avatar)

chertwin @deeeenyse thanks!! But the laundry basket abit small 😰

1 month ago

yazzi (avatar)

yazzi Hi @chertwin, if you are looking to sell the extra toilet roll holder I’ll be interested ☺️

1 month ago

chertwin (avatar)

chertwin @yazzi could you ping me @ cherxuan on telegram? Happy to let it go!

1 month ago

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