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updated 4 weeks ago

Curtians & Digital Lock installation

Washed our sheets today. And the colour of our bedsheets is exactly the same as our wall? What are the odds?!

Blinds were installed over the weekend.

They look really good!

But not so much for our curtains!

Quite upset that it came out like glossy? Even though I know that we chose something with a sheen. But didn’t except it to be like this!

Glad that this wasn’t really expensive and if needed, we can always change it in the future.

My taobao bin that fits nicely between the toilet bowl! And the lid has been fixed by the hubby.

Another of our taobao loots that I didn’t managed to get a pic the other day.

Sufficient to put our cups/controllers.

Also, our digital locks were fixed as well.

Thankfully, we didn’t need to install those ugly black board or whatever not.

Here’s our main door lock.

Also, sharing some cheap and pretty diffuser from miniso

So pretty ain’t they? I bought one to try.

Will review it when we finally use it.


Day 139

Sunday, 19 May 2019

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hanarisa (avatar)

hanarisa Hi hi neighbour! For your digital lock installation, did they provide you with the black stopper?

4 weeks ago

20thoctober (avatar)

20thoctober Your house is 😍😍😍😍

4 weeks ago

chertwin (avatar)

chertwin @hanarisa hi neighbor!! Glad to find you here as well. You mean the one to cover the original hole? Yes, they provided it.

4 weeks ago

chertwin (avatar)

chertwin @20thoctober thanks!! Can’t wait to see your home reno updates as well.

4 weeks ago

hanarisa (avatar)

hanarisa @chertwin the stopper looks great! I wonder if I can find something similar.. I think Yale only provides stickers... congrats on ur wedding~ you look gorgeous!! 😊

3 weeks ago

chertwin (avatar)

chertwin @hanarisa thanks!! I think you can search rubber hole plug on shoppe or any other online stores. Would be able to find something similar. Hope this helps.

3 weeks ago

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