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BTO Acrylic Panels - Dama Trading

So back to share on the acrylics!!

We got them from Dama Trading. There’s two ways of getting it. One is to head down to buy it while the second’s to have them deliver to your house.

We chose the second option for convenience. If I’m not wrong, they provide free delivery within Singapore.

Anw, how they charge is based on the number of single huge acrylic piece you need in order for them to cut into the sizes we provide. Measurements would have to be done on your part.

So it cost us a total of 74 bucks to do it.

Every cut into smaller piece would be 1 buck. We followed the exact way the bto did and ended up with 10 pieces (with the addition of 2 extra pieces from the left over).

Also, make sure you know exactly which piece fits where. When everything came, the two additional pieces confused the husband and he thought we got the wrong dimension.

We chose the colour/code barley - this was basically what everyone chose. Although they have tons of others.

As seen from above. If you’re in a bto project, you can also do bulk orders to get discount? But coordination would be quite a hassle?

For other colour samples, it’s better to head down to get a better idea of them. They provide free drinks if I’m not wrong while having to wait for them to process the orders and cut into smaller pieces.

Ordering contacts as per screenshot above!

This was how it was when we received it. With protective layer and all!

So cheers to having cheap acrylic panels!

Btw, it’s better to get strip lightings instead of T5 lights if you guys want consistent light flow and not see the T5 light when you change it to these acrylic panels.

Apparently it can be quite obvious.


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Thursday, 16 May 2019

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My3catsanddog (avatar)

My3catsanddog thanks for sharing! is yours strip lighting or T5? did u set that up yourself?

1 month ago

chertwin (avatar)

chertwin @My3catsanddog hi! Mine led strip lights. Our electrician setup the led strips for us. T5 lightings you can get from Dama as well. But I think need to setup yourself.

1 month ago

qinqin (avatar)

qinqin hehe this may sound like a silly question but how do you measure out each single piece of acrylic piece you need? cos the last time i tried to measure, the whitish "borders" in between the boards can shift position?

1 month ago

chertwin (avatar)

chertwin @qinqin you mean the divider in between? Anw, we took out each pf the egg crate pieces to measure. And then we left it like that till we gotten the new pieces. Really doesn’t help that u put it back because it’s already a hassle to have it removed.

1 month ago

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