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Life of half a twin! 🌾

December 2018

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And also! Key collection time, can’t wait though our Reno progress have been put on hold! Hahaha. #bto #hdb #dayrehome #dayrehomes

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Gown selection!

I’m finally back. Like after a whole year of mia-ing. I have been really busy this whole year with work, additional job scope, house reno and up coming wedding. All these happening at the same time. Anw, here just to share some of the gowns I have tried for memory sake. These gowns are from #tgw or the gown warehouse. The second bridal studio that I have tried and settled for. This gown was something that I love but decided against it. But it’s really pretty!!! #dayrebrides #dayrebride

October 2018

Hi there! I’ve been wanting to restart writing on this platform as it seems like Dayre isn’t closing anymore! Great news for all of us! Anw, many things have happened the past one year and i can say that this year has been a great year, albeit some minor incident. I feel like I have reached a point of stage in life where everything is falling nicely into place. Major life events are coming up soon and hoping to have them settled smoothly one at a time. In the meantime, that’s all!

May 2018

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House update! #bto

February 2018

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Korea Trip!

Hi hi!! Since dayre is closing, might as well just share all the pics I have from my Korea trip! Not gonna be captioning everything. Just gonna be a spam of pics!

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Seedly Finance App!

Just embarked on this Seedly app to track my expenses! And I must say. I’m super impressed! Look at all the cash rebates they consolidated together. Makes my life so much easier!

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