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updated 3 weeks ago

So I’ve got poisoned by @/mrsonggg post and convinced myself that I needed one of these.

They are really small and the size is just nice for the two of us. I really like this, but the hubs isn’t agreeable to it.

Here’s one from Korea, where the buttons are all in Korean.

And here’s Xiaomi’s one, with the ops buttons in Chinese. Which I’m able to read.

I more inclined to this since it’s in Chinese and have already carted this. It’s just pending payment. With this, there seems to be more functions than the one above.

So the question is, should I get it or not? Side note, we already have a rice cooker which was a freebie with our fridge. However, that’s a huge one which I do not intend to use frequently.


Also say hi to my new iPhone case which everyone has been nagging me to change. Apparently the one I had before was like a brick. It’s those phone case with glitters and sparkles floating in an enclosed area filled with water. And thus, weighs a ton. But hey! Babies love it and it’s really very very chio.

Anw, time to change for the sack of my poor wrist and hands. Typing on my phone has never felt so light!! Amazing!! Okay a lil exaggeration here.

Check these out!!! Super gorgeous soap dispenser.


So pretty!!

Ideal dustbin!

Day 143

Thursday, 23 May 2019

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qbfong (avatar)

qbfong How many bins u need!?

3 weeks ago

chertwin (avatar)

chertwin @qbfong one can never have enough of things that are pretty!

3 weeks ago

rapturous (avatar)

rapturous wah really like the soap dispenser!!!

3 weeks ago

chertwin (avatar)

chertwin @rapturous yes!! But it’s so ex! It’s like 60++ bucks. And I can’t find any cheaper look alike. Sigh

3 weeks ago

hanarisa (avatar)

hanarisa Omg! This post is poison~ 😂

3 weeks ago

chertwin (avatar)

chertwin @hanarisa yes! But it’s so ex!! Haiz...

3 weeks ago

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