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C started walking at gym class last Fri. These gym classes, they are amazing! After each lesson, I seem to see some developmental milestone unlocked. And after 3 sessions, C is walking. As the days went by, he got better and better, quickly!

Daddy K left for Albuquerque this morning. 19 hrs before he gets there. And will be there for a wk! Such an ulu place, so far away. Pls pray with me for God's protection. He's there presenting a poster for the annual Keystone conference. #geekspeak

C was extra manja this morning. Wanted Daddy to carry him. He seemed to know what's happening cos he had this sad look the whole time we were at the departure hall. His tiny hand kept waving and he kept saying "bye". 😢

Just moments before Daddy stepped through the departure gates. Breaks my heart - re: solo parenting for the next week and also seeing how C was so reluctant to see K go.

In order to get K to the airport by 7am this morning, we pulled C out of bed at 6:30am. Was so surprised he didn't fall back asleep during the journey to the other end of SG.

There was ample time for K to check in and for us to grab breakfast. And I managed to feed C his breakfast before we ate.

So good cos C fell right asleep the moment we left the airport carpark! Planned to meet @contented for a play date at Gardens by the Bay. But someone rear-ended their car and they have to u turn.

So glad they are safe and thank God the kids were in car seats! See! That's why car seats are impt!

We were alr on the way (stuck in a jam) when I received the call that Grace had to cancel, so I decided to go ahead anyway. We ended up taking too long to get there. Oh how I detest the new MCE!!! I don't understand how does that help. It always seem like such a big detour when I have to take that tunnel! Agrhhh.

But since C was sound asleep, I thought we'll just let him sleep.

When we got there, he was still sleeping. Total nap time was slightly over an hr. I gave him some snacks in the car after he woke. It was quite fun. Us at the backseat in the car, playing and snacking. Then he did a big one and that was the signal for us to change and get movin' to the park.

Someone looks really grouchy here but that's cos he didn't know what awaits him

Getting very restless cos he could hear the gushing of water behind him but Mummy insisted on taking pics first

Gardens By The Bay

First dips - cautious - went for the smallest spurt surrounded by the most kids his size

Children's Garden


Children's Garden

"Mum, this is fun!"

Children's Garden


Children's Garden

Still checking the other areas out

Children's Garden

Then other kids came to join in the fun

Children's Garden

Little alligator bottom

Children's Garden

Got splashed! 💦

Children's Garden

"Look ma! No hands!"

Children's Garden

"Can I? Can I?"

Children's Garden


Children's Garden

Walking all by himself

Children's Garden

"Look out! Zombie C'a coming your way!"

🎤"This is the way we wash our hands"🎶 feat. C squatting and standing again on his own!

Love seeing how these unstable tots move ard the water play.

So happy!!! My water baby.

Minding his own business until someone came along to interrupt

I purposely stood aside to observe what C would do when the bigger kid came to splash water at him. No biggie. My man took it calmly and graciously. It made the previously cautious C become more bold in splashing at himself too!

And he didn't seem to care when walking through the spurt.

Pretty steady now!

There! Quads muscles unlocked!

The tots ard us (C's age) started walking ard 11-12mths, getting me a little anxious that C wasn't walking but has been cruising for months! Then other mums started telling me that their kids only started walking ard 17-18mths which puts C right in the middle in terms of how soon he started walking. He started walking at 14 mths.

Busy times but also fun and exciting times ahead!

Day 58

Thursday, 27 Feb 2014

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vmartinez1 (avatar)

vmartinez1 Albuquerque is just 3 1/2 hours north of where I live! I hope he likes New Mexico!

5 years ago

chermsee (avatar)

chermsee Cool! Is it safe? Are there anything I can ask him to get me? 😁 @vmartinez1

5 years ago

tinkitalks (avatar)

tinkitalks OMG Singapore is a wonderful place to raise children la. So many enriching things to do!!

5 years ago

chermsee (avatar)

chermsee Only in recent yrs! I must agree that they have put in effort to create more fun outdoor spaces. BUT it's really stressful studying and living here. I would rather C studied elsewhere less stressful. @tinkitalks

5 years ago

vmartinez1 (avatar)

vmartinez1 Yes, it is relatively safe (considering it is the biggest city in our state, lol.) New Mexico is famous for its green chile and pecans, but perhaps he could try visiting the Old Town plaza and finding some turquoise jewelry that comes from the Native American reservations nearby.

5 years ago

contented (avatar)

contented Gosh. Such a sweet pix of him saying bye to daddy. But it seems like the departure was quickly forgotten! Alligator bottom is too cute!

5 years ago

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