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Just gonna share some snaps from Monday.

We were at USS celebrating the MIL's birthday (part 2)

This poor boy missed practically all of his naps.

He was abt to fall asleep here, but it was our turn to go take a ride, so we passed him to the in laws. When we returned, he was not in the stroller, and crying.

Couple selfie while C dozed off in his stroller (before we left for our ride)

Being funny

So this was the ride we went on alone

The good thing abt going to USS with your extended family is you'll always have family shots. And we found out that USS has a child swap policy, whereby only 1 group has to queue for the rides while the other group takes care of the child. When the 1st group is back, the 2nd group gets to go on the rides through the express queue, without having to pay for express privileges. Awesome!

Trying to disturb that man into laughing.

We took many pics with him cos he was so lonely out there, waiting for pple to take pics, while the other characters have a huge crowd wherever they go. The moment the other characters stop, a long line is formed behind them. No chance to take pics at all, so we didn't bother trying. Eg. Sherk & Fiona, Pinocchio, Woody Woodpecker, Oscar the Grouch. We just let them pass us by.

C & I entering Far Far Away

So we went to water world to watch this live performance.

There were wubbies rara-ing the crowd and C got so into it. It was funny seeing him follow the actions the audience were told to do.

So focused!

But the boy was maxed out. There was a technical glitch halfway in the show and C was getting very restless, but Daddy wanted to finish the show. Maybe these stunt shows are just not my thing.

So we went for the rapids ride and got drenched. Left C on the stroller with MIL and when we returned, he's not in the stroller, again.

It was getting late and we decided to squeeze in more pics

Autobots rollout! The transformers ride was not bad.

Day 43

Wednesday, 12 Feb 2014

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yin2leong (avatar)

yin2leong Transformers ride is awesome!

5 years ago

contented (avatar)

contented Great family pix! Skipping naps is very tough. For kids and parents!

5 years ago

runmama (avatar)

runmama Love the last pict!

5 years ago

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