cherilyn saw (avatar)
updated 1 month ago

Bfast plus banana


Sighs I wna go home

Finally off the drip!!!

Too hungry couldn’t wait so took photo when my bread and main dish 99% gone hahahahah


I wna get out so badly

I quite like it not bad

I’ve decided I’m not gg to post anymore bc it’s getting too much.

Day 193

Friday, 12 Jul 2019

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Happylee_eats (avatar)

Happylee_eats U hospitalised ?

1 month ago

Happylee_eats (avatar)

Happylee_eats Hope u recover soon. At least get ur weight up to a safe zone

1 month ago

cherilynsaw (avatar)

cherilynsaw Yeap hospitalised :( thank youuuu ❤️ @Happylee_eats

1 month ago

mooooooo (avatar)

mooooooo Take care 💕

1 month ago

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