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March 2019

How I Protect Myself At Work

This topic is forever an ongoing battle for me, but Ive picked up afew tips along the way over the years. A lot of it, I discovered, has more to do with how you manage YOURSELF - your time, your energy, your attention, what you attach importance to; not how you control external factors. How you protect yourself depends very much on the nature of your job but theses that I’m about to line up are generally applicable to most office workers.

Things I Struggle With

Delivering the second topic most voted for lolol here we go!

February 2019

Things I Don’t Buy Anymore / Reduced Substantially

So these are some of the main the things that we either:♾ don’t buy anymore; or ♾ reduce substantially The reasons are either that we don’t find value in them anymore or we don’t find them necessary in our lives.

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Thanks for getting back to me!! It’s a tie between 1. Things I Don’t Buy Anymore5. Things I Struggle With 7. How I Protect Myself At WorkThese 3 got the highest and equal number of votes lololol so I’ll start on Topic 1 real soon N/B: The Man wants to read Things I Don’t Buy Anymore and My Smartest Purchases but he said no one voted for the smartest purchase topic lololol

I’ve a few ideas on what to write about next but gaizzzzzz tell me which of these TOP 2 topics would you like me to write about?

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Okay guysssss my cheesecake got MIL’s stamp of approval. She said it’s PERFECT. PER.FECT. please everybody pause and let that sink in. Everybody think about how FANTASTIC my cheesecake must be okay? Y’all don’t get to eat but must think of it anyway. yeap yeap.

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