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Happy 2019!!! This was taken a few days ago atop the Puy de Dôme in Auvergne, France.

How to write on Dayre on a computer ah? I feel like I have so many things to say but I won't be able to type fast enough on my phone till my baby alarm goes off??

How do mummies here manage to write such long entries?

I type very slow?
I talk too much?
My baby sleeps too little?

I wanna talk about our 10 day road trip AND my year in review for 2018, but realistically I can't do all in a day.

Before I fell asleep last night I even told myself today I must pick either one of these items to do,

1) KonMari my wardrobe! My summer clothes are still hanging and winter ones folded in storage under the bed. It's a nightmare picking clothes now. I am pretty inspired after watching the Marie Kondo show on Netflix (but the eps get a bit repetitive since it's just a rinse and repeat formula for every household??)

2) write about our road trip in a more diligent fashion

It is 1.32pm now and while I haven't done any, I have

1) fed baby and let him take his nap

2) made a video call back home

3) watered my plants and semi-salvaged those that are on the brink of death after the 10 day drought that was our road trip

4) cleared out half the dishwasher (husband did the other half last night, saying it's so that I won't have so many things to do today. Wot who are you and what have you done to my husband)

5) made a small biggish purchase on Grana (any purchase made from now till actual CNY will be "for CNY clothes". Please don't remind me there are only 15 days of CNY and I don't need new clothes for each and every day.)

.. all while battling an itchy throat that full-on erupted into a sore throat this morning. Can take MC for SAHM?

.. 3.20pm, next nap! Time to continue writing.

We started the trip on the evening of 22nd December and made stops at Poitiers, Tours, Versailles, Paris, Reims, Épernay, Strasbourg, Freiburg (Germany), Colmar, Riquewihr, Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand, and reached back home on the 31st of December in the afternoon.

We had planned to come home on the 30th but were having so much fun in Alsace and decided to extend the trip by a day.

Luckily we did because we managed to see and get quite a few good items from that extra day.

The husband planned the entire trip and I didn't have to do anything at all.. I am grateful. I know I don't say thank you enough because we are so used to each other, but thank you!!!

The trip took 2650km and while we took my car so that the option to let me drive if he gets tired is open, he didn't use it at all and just powered through the 10 days.

château de chenonceau

This was our first sightseeing stop after driving to Poitiers and resting for a night. It's not a must see, but just one that was on the way to Tours so we decided to drop by. I wasn't expecting much but we ended up spending 3 hours there.

Haha I intend to collate an album of photos with him sleeping on our travels.

白頭偕老 :')

The château had some historical significance which was quite interesting la but I forgot them all after I left.

Giant doors but actually small door

Visited the rooms

Ornate furnishings throughout the chateau

Flowers arranged in the bleu blanc rouge

A Christmas feast

The guard told us not to get closer than a metre to the table or else it will trigger the alarm

Inspo for overzealous Christmas decorators

Husband questioned my need to take so many pictures of the kitchen

I made dried oranges for our Christmas decoration at home too but they were nowhere as nice as these! Granted I used the air dryer and those thin slices were flapping around inside.

Ohai it me. I awake.

A stranger helped with this so I was far too paiseh to ask her to take till baby looks into the cam hahaha

Ohai it me with swan.

Still me with swan.

Day 2

Wednesday, 2 Jan 2019

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mrsonggg (avatar)

mrsonggg Ooooo we aim to do this trip before ethel turns 2. But I doubt we can do it with 2 kids ):

6 months ago

wearmaemae (avatar)

wearmaemae Landslet’s face (and everything else) is adorable ahmagad 😍😍😍 happy 2019 babe!

6 months ago

funnylittlething (avatar)


6 months ago

spring_rings (avatar)

spring_rings Wow your photos look amazing!!! 😄

6 months ago

dafanshu (avatar)

dafanshu So cuteeeessss. Imagine next time landslet gets married and shows his growing up collage at his wedding. (provided there will still be this segment next time)

6 months ago

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