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shopaholic.INFP, introvert who loves to laugh.

April 2018

After meeting him, I feel...my life is finally happier and purposeful. I have not has such a feeling in so long. Perhaps due to my depression, I really become numb of feeling. But with him, he really makes me feel like a human again - to cry,to laugh,to be angry,to be jealous. He always tries to make me laugh when I am pissed off. He always reassures me when I am down. But i am so thankful for having him in my life. Truly.

Somedays these tough times will past and everything will be alright. Never in my life have I felt more alone. Will i regret this decision, I really dont know. There were really many small cracks that we failed to mend and when they combine, it forms a deep hole that consumes you entirely. Was I truly happy in our rs? Idk. It gradually just became a routine. A continuous routine that end up making both of us not making effort to maintain it anymore

Fate works in strange ways. You can meet the right person in a completely different time in your life and it will be too late. By then you will realise how your life is not controlled by choices but by your own fate.

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