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I would like to remain anonymous. Please.58030

May 2019

Since the last post brought up the stark realities of the Asian family dynamics which some people resonate with...In today's episode of #/TrueStory of my #/DysfunctionalAsianFamilies

By choice : child-free and man-free.

Came across @/mintyvintage 's post today @mintyvintage:070519 and its linked-back post @mintyvintage:120717Wow!!!I must say. I loved loved LOVED all that she wrote. That I decided for the first time to link someone else's posts. I don't know if that linking will notify her. Sorry if you don't wanna be linked, I'll edit if you want me to remove >.<

March 2019

Yesterday. Maybe 25 or 30 items all piled high beside the BACK sink. Plates big & small, bowls, pot, pans, tupperwares, spoons, etc. All from the cooking prep and cooking process. I was the one who cooked. And that pile of 25-30 dishes I also have to wash. But then the FRONT plates from the eating process which amounts to no more than 15 items, also want to shift from FRONT sink to the BACK sink. For me to wash?! Not including washing/wiping down the cooking area?!

“If someone doesn't value evidence, what evidence are you going to provide to prove that they should value it? If someone doesn’t value logic, what logical argument could you provide to show the importance of logic?”- Sam Harris

February 2019

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Lai liao, lai liao. Another saga for everyone who likes tea.Tagging @CheongHeiQueen @audadulting in case you guys wanna dissect this too. This is the kind of free entertainment we all love but don't wanna "pay" for."My suffering is not for your entertainment!" (Please don't bash me if you got offended.) The general you. Not M. Not Aud.

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