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April 2019

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The art of walking with crutches

7 days after ops, went back to change dressing n the sight of my own flesh disgusts me. Week 2 after ops. Feeling slightly better, more or less coping with the routines n schedules i set up.The pain killers are giving me gastric so i started fading off the medications. More awake than wk 1, so i walked more using the crutches + airboot.The art of using crutches is no joke. U need to know where to land the the crutches, put weight on the palms & walk n balance. 😣Muscle aching!

March 2019

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Been mia for a while. Now I'm back! 😊 Life has been hectic & since I'm on leave i get all the time in the world to do wad i want/like.... like blogging. Had my the navicular bones removed on 8th Mar cos all the conservatives method failed. Suffering in pain for the past 5 yrs! It's a tough decision. Not all who has assessory navicular bone will need it to be to removed, unless there's history of trauma which triggers a series of pain (in my case).

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