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Wife of a military husband 🙃

July 2019

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Enter a photo of my nephew pretending to be pregnant. My whole family likes to ask my Nephew “where’s ball ball?” And then they solve it for him by pointing at my stomach and say “ball ball inside 姑姑 stomach.” 🌚 THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR MONTHS.And last week the Husband put a small ball into my nephew’s shirt. My Nephew happily came up to me and ask me “ball ball leh?” 🙃

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I’m into my 38th week of pregnancy and I celebrated it by developing a fever of 38 degrees. 😭I woke up in the morning feeling aches all over. Having slept only 4 hours, i really wanted to get back to sleep but I ended up being awake for the next 4 hours because aches were terrible. I was feeling really feverish but thermometer shows a decent 36.9. Nothing to be alarmed. But fast forward to 7pm at night, my temperature rose to 38.4.IS THIS A CAUSE FOR ALARM NOW?

June 2019

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I downloaded Dayre again lol because I did my very first batch of baby laundry last night and I wanted to haolian and post it somewhere but…… dunno where.So here I am on Dayre but I wanna write something else instead of boring baby laundry. Because something rather infuriating happened last night!!!

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