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Valentine Celebration 🙈

Happy Valentine's Day sweeties 🌹🌹🌹

No matter you are celebrate for today anot but remember that someone will be at ur side one day and remember to love yourself too❤️

That's the important lesson in our life. Love urself✨

Sleeping ... Took my 1 hour 30 mins nap just now..

Was pretty amazing that I can sleep on my bed hug my pillow and at the same time Bebe was sleeping beside me ...

What a good day for me ...

But was so tired again because this semester all exam placed at 9am early morning means 7.55am I need to get ready -.-

Before I start my revision let me talk about my small and simple celebration with smelly yesterday❤️

This photo totally describe my expression and feeling yesterday.

As promised

As planned

We will be going somewhere else have our simple dinner before the Valentine's day (since I have both important exam paper today & Tml)

So I expect this year don't have anything leeeeee😭 except the wallet and thing he present me few week agooo

Abit Emo la cause I always say 'don't la don't la waste money'

Then he really Xmas no bring me out no plan ... Countdown on 2014 also staying at home Saja...

Like we have been together too long so nth to do LOLLL


So I woke up yesterday at 12.20pm .⚫️〰⚫️

Was act like this cat and looking at the clock behind me...

Aihx study again... Then I opened my lap top...

At the same time... RING RING RING

Smelly call me ask me to study good good and open door 😑

I was like ok Lo... Really must study and fighting for exam paper Tml

So I ask again.. What open door
( at the same time I hear his car engine sound )


Everytime he have surprise to me for sure his voice so soft and very lam one... I know I hear some plastic sound

But I don't want think too much because last Xmas I tot he have present for me when I open my door but actually is my post parcel -.- I sendiri hyper there feel so FISH

So I open the door but confirm got the plastic sound

I flashback last time he told me that no matter how boring he is in special day ( every year once) he will buy rosé for me...

Because my first time receive rosé is from him again so he very happy and make stupid promise for me

Then I was like


First thing ask ' u buy at where & how much! exp?!! '

Lol such a auntie question ...😑


I really think this is wasting of money but I think lama lama sekali really work one la ... Cause he gonna 補償 me for no bringing me out and planning for so many time due to our course have diff time for exam...

So I also feel very happy ❤️

But I happy not because of the rosé is because he told me that he remember every promise he make for me ( I never trust in promise)

Then I'm happy also because I long time never see his super romantic face... Because I always feel so lonely when I'm home.. Even we only meet once every week or 2 week once 😭

Then I also very disappointed after he back from Melbourne we both don't have any dating time too😭😭😭😭

CNY I also didn't go his house PAI nian ... See we both focus on study until forgot many many thing

Then I'm writing it down on dayre because I don't think this should be appear on my blog since it's more private thing in my life... So simple ppl see also don't wanna know laaaa

Next we have our SUSHI TIME @ paradigm mall

So damn yummy oh this!!!

Not sure why but sushi zanmai at paradigm mall was the best one

Every sushi above got this special source.. Me and smelly eat til drop and full like shxt lolll😱😱😱

This one also very delicious

Dunno is both of us too happy or what but really long time never sushi with smelly

He always accompany me for my favourite food and shop for girls thing just that he very hard to make any decision

For example I ask him :' bee this nice or this'

ALL ANSWER WILL BE BOTH NICE U LIKE which u pick la... Respect my answer

But I was like😑😑😑😑😑🙍 okay ...

Special sushi at sushi zanmai

It's called oshi-sushi ... Didn't appear at the menu but this one super great.. Salmon one!!!

Then we have our lovely dessert also

At first was like 'wow so small'

But once u eat a bite u will feel very nice but abit geli because the small piece of cake like 90% chocolate

So u will need to drink a lot of water but our drinks was hot green tea like very weird -.-

After we took our dinner I go visit sephora and looking at the naked 3 was like...

I want this but...

I very kiam siap one🙍 I bu she de buy 185rm for one eyeshadow .. But the color was so nice

Just I have naked 2 and the color on my eye ( cause my eyelid not enough thick not consider a nice double eyelid)

So the color won't be obvious unless I use like neon color or other eyeshadow color ( not nude or brown series) then will be obvious a little bit

Walk around and decided not to buy it🙆

So after our dinner was end of the story... Bought two rm19.90 top with same design diff color at brands outlet🙋

So cheap!!! Gonna ootd once I can out and good bye one my exam week!!!

So now should start my revision 😭😭😭😭

❤️that's all about my early simple valentine day celebration

How about yours? ✨

Did you know that Smelly was the first person who celebrate Valentine day with me and first person who gave me rose....

Memorable time evrryday ✨ love I smelly B

Study aaa chanwon tan😭😭😭😭


Day 45

Friday, 14 Feb 2014

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kharnyee (avatar)

kharnyee happy Valentine's day chanwon!

4 years ago

lisakong (avatar)

lisakong Was a sweet valentine you have. Happy valentine @chanwon

4 years ago

gracegift999 (avatar)

gracegift999 @chanwon happy Valentine's Day🌹🌹 so sweet & +u+u for yr exam 👍👍

4 years ago

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