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Good morning dayreverse! ⛅️⛅️⛅️

Been playing Episode for the longest time now and I find myself getting more impatient for episode passes as I find more stories to play/read. Trying not to spend on it because I know it could get out of hand.. Wish me luck tho because the temptation to spend is so strongggg

Craving for sweet stuff lately even though I'm not on my period! I usually like savoury food but now it seems that I always wanna have jam biscuits, ice cream and marshmallows. All that good shit.

And as we speak, I'm seriously contemplating on either having bread + honey or a cake. HELP

I've also been battling the temptation to get something done to my hair once again. And no, I don't plan on chopping it off again anytime soon.

This! 😍😍😍

I've always wanted to try the silver/grey but I'm really not sure about letting my hair go through 2-3 bleaching sessions.. I've already bleached my hair about 4 times since last January and have been desperately trying to save it. The DIY haircut was done partially because of the terrible situation of the bottom half of my hair too.

But now that I have shorter hair it seems a lot cheaper and more manageable to do!

I love leaving out some dark roots at the top so that everything becomes easier to manage + I don't need to retouch them so soon. In fact, I could just grow them out and it wouldn't look as weird! Especially with grey hair, black looks totally fine. DECISIONS DECISIONS

Well today's a really lazy day for me - I love Sundays! It's like a day where I rightfully get to lie on the bed for the entire day without doing anything. But then again I'm also eating a lot 😱😱

Telegram stickers

I'm making telegram stickers!

Was browsing through the collections of stickers for the renowned app but realised that some of my favourite characters didn't have stickers. So I'm trying to fill those gaps up by manually uploading them myself so I can finally use them!

In the midst of this, I found a new character. Mamegoma!!!!!!! Wow it's so damn frickin' cute, so in love with the stickers! But perhaps I could find some new pictures to create a sticker pack too?

It'd also be cool if @blog let us upload our own stickers on dayre!

Uploaded a new sticker collection for Pusheen!!!!! I can finally make my own conversations more exciting omg all the food HAHAHAH

Uploaded some molang ones tooooo

I should really stop eating so much!!!!!!!


Totally going against what I said right before this HAHAHAHHA

Aye Maki do you like my new ring

Yeahhhh let's get this (post) party started

Day 256

Sunday, 13 Sep 2015

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snatchthatsnitch (avatar)

snatchthatsnitch bleach itttt!!!!

3 years ago

jnsh_ (avatar)

jnsh_ Bleach it!!! *hair will grow (shit I tell myself sometimes too! Just that my hair takes a million years to grow)

3 years ago

vxnnxv (avatar)

vxnnxv So cute! Where can I download your stickers?

3 years ago

chantally (avatar)

chantally @summerpeonies here are the links 😋😋



3 years ago

vxnnxv (avatar)

vxnnxv Thanks babe! (:

3 years ago

Kozonis19 (avatar)

Kozonis19 Ahh where did you learn how to make telegram stickers!! They're so cuteeee

3 years ago

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