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I love mushrooms you have no idea

May 2019

So happy today because Ian and I could work from home together - he’s doing this for 2 weeks because all his colleagues are away in various places but the office lol. But he’s telling me he’s becoming a ‘lazy muthafucker’ in his words. So idk man. I would prefer wfh everyday hahahaha. Ok maybe I was born lazy. Or maybe I was born a taitai idk man🤔 Anyway we went swimming earlier and wtf I have gone out.of.shape. Not even kidding I have this extra layer of meat around my hips?!?

Omg just came for a facial and being pressured into joining MLM. Halp

Omg I am scrolling through #dayrefitness and being a creep looking at people’s photos. My question is.... do people just wear sports bras to barre classes? I recently bought a bunch of new and v pretty sports bras from Nike because it didn’t occur to me that I needed to wear cover ups lol. But now that I think about it, am I being ridiculous? Like what if people think I’m being too extra?! I really dk because I seldom go for classes and I forgot how it was like in my last (and only) class.

April 2019

We’re on the train from Xi’an to Beijing. Have another hour to go before we arrive. I booked us into the same hotel that oppo put us up at because it was amazing (read: bathtub + we were fed with 3 buffet meals in a day). So this will be our indulgent hotel stay for the trip. Not that our other accommodation arrangements were bad. Our previous Beijing and Xi’an hotels were really beautiful and comfortable too - v impressed with the standard of boutique hotels here😌

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