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April 2019

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At first there were 82nd day 1 died (found stiff in a corner)Now 5 are growing well, 1 is missing?? And there is a very small runt (right side of photo) Very poor thing cos the rest can wander about themselves while this one is very helpless and looks very weakI know this is expected but feel very sad for its mother because she is still taking care of it (carrying it in her mouth back to nest when it gets accidentally "dragged away" from the nest by its siblings)

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Cutie piesHope all will grow well and healthy!

March 2019

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So happy my hammie gave birth to 8 pups yesterday! But didnt expect for her to give birth in a few days so the cage wasnt cleaned for 3 days before 🤨Am very conflicted should i clean the cage (use spoon to pick up the pups) or just leave them be? Google says no cleaning for 2 weeks but some parts are dam dirty...

Clocking in 6 sessions of PT and no dietFats -0.3%Muscle mass +1kgWater +1kgI feel like I've lost my saggy tummy abit alsoBest of all it feels great to see results!

February 2019

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Started to get serious on toning and losing weightBy that I mean spending a lot of money on personal trainers Because if not I will be too lazy to get off my butt (money invested is the main motivator for me)And I cannot lose weight by decreasing food intake anymore.. am already deinking no sugary drinks and eating rice only during lunch to no avail And even though u may lose weight, the only way to tone ur body is through exercise.. donwan any saggy skin

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