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February 2019

In January I purchased from 3 blogshops and I wanna document my recent good experiences. Feeling very grateful for the prompt services rendered ✨

January 2019

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Done with my HSG & its normal... obviously leh haha I'm not surprised la. Meh.

Sian was hoping menses won't come = bfp = no need for HSG. In the end come nvm, came EARLY & I was caught unprepared. Knn thank god there's Watsons everywhere & anywhere so rushed in & bought pads.Tbh I'm scared to death because apparently its very painful 😩 Why why why must I go through this! Actually I don't have to do it la cuz I did get pregnant twice after all but dr wanted a thorough check. Also cannot let husband touch for the next 10 days. Sian I no mood also la 😔#ttc

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