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August 2019

Can't Move

Twice this week my close girl friends have separately commented, "I don't know how you do it!" (It being LDR) and I wish I could tell them thatNo, I'm not doing it.

June 2019

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Touched in Macau

As you can guess from the title, something nasty happened. It has been a while since the incident happened, but since I'm still thinking about it, I thought I'll pour my thoughts out here as a form of getting some kind of mental closure. I apologize in advance if my thoughts are everywhere and incoherent. --------------------

Four Attachment Styles

Reading @a_tje's post on attachment styles triggered some memories of past psychology lectures, and it got me googling about it since yesterday night. I had a quick read of the wikipedia post on attachment style (I know wiki isn't the best but it's the quickest 😉), so here's a quick summary of it before I reflect on my own attachment style in my relationships.--------------------

April 2019

The Ex

Times like this make me feel really grateful for how things turned out :)This morning I had a long (text) chat with an ex-boyfriend, and it felt really good. Not in the "reliving old love, sparks flying" kind of good, but the "I've missed you old friend" kind of good.Said ex-boyfriend and I dated in 2012 (back in our JC days). Our romance lasted a grand total of 8 months, which I find really amusing in retrospect haha.

p a i n

This is how pain in my LDR looks like

Too Familiar

Many times I find myself retreating back into the narrative of a sad, emotional girlfriend in a long-distance relationship.The scenario is all too familiar - a distant and unavailable boyfriend leads to an emotional wreck of a girlfriend.

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