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June 2018

Good morning! Rise & shine! I’m back! Last I posted was in February, and I wanted to post about my CNY like every other year, but the fate of Dayre was so uncertain so I spent my time figuring out how to back up old posts instead. And setting up alternative platforms. So it felt rather pointless imo to do up the CNY post since, Dayre was supposedly shutting down.

February 2018

Feeling rather lost cos idk where to post anymore 😭Some people are still updating in Dayre, but knowing it’s gonna close I’m feeling quite unmotivated. I do still want to pen down this CNY on the go though. 😢And some people have shifted to weBlogit (me) but it’s just not the same. And others, Wordpress. I’ve created an account there but after setting up the former I’m like.. another platform? And then there’s Stellar.And so suddenly I’m like, where are we going guys! 😢😢😢

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Chinese New Year is coming!

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weBlogIt v.s. Blogspot

So sick today.. took PM MC.. woke up to finding out.. DAYRE IS SHUTTING DOWN. Now I feel guilty for forgetting to finish my post off yesterday.

Can’t understand why my schedule has been so packed since Dec sobs. It was year end, Christmas, New Year, DND..Then Valentines, CNY. I’ve so many things running concurrently up until, the weekend after 初一, 初二. But every time I look forward to the “after”, things will pile up again.

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