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#CareFreeinDebt: The Solemnization

I picked up my wedding photos last week from Guan Hui and Silvia (@blocmemoire) and they were so wonderful.

I was most particular about photography because I absolutely love candids and I know how hard it is to shoot some lovely in the moment photos during a wedding.

I only had one or two photographers I wanted to engage and Bloc Memoire Photography was one of them.

They really captured everything so well. Wanted to cry looking at my photos - and I didn't even cry at my solemnization.

Even Kang Gary doppelgänger Freman had his moment to look damn dapper. He's super awkward in photos and they managed to take photos of him looking cool. πŸ‘πŸ»

Even my sister approves. She saw this photo and was like...

Hahahahahahahhahah. Yes. That's my sister.

The cutest ring box ever from Fort Bridal Novelties! 😍 I gave up on DIY route after one too many sleepless nights planning and just splurged on this instead. So chio, so it was worth it.

Cutiepie ring bearer sister duo, Julia and Emma. They're my friend's babies and they're the first kids I fell in love with.

I am not into children and have no maternal instincts. Zero. For real. I don't squeal or find my heart beating for kids, but her kids made me feel cute feelings. They're awesome. Because they're amazing kiddos. She raised them so well.

Walking down the aisle with my daddy was so surreal. I knew he'd been waiting for this moment for so long so I was sure to choose a march in song he could enjoy.

A few days before my big day, I finally decided on How Deep is Your Love by The Bee Gees. A song I've heard play on his music players throughout my childhood. I wanted him to enjoy that walk to give me away to Freman so I skipped the serious songs.

My family isn't the stoic type by the way. We're pretty warm and casual folks.

Laughed way too much during my solemnization.

Hard to keep a straight face when we're so ridiculous all the time.

We were like amateur standup comedians.

Seemed like everyone really found us hilarious too.

My mummy also cannot tahan us. My stepdad too.

Friends all like dying from laughter. Sweet. I loved that they captured it all. They got everything down. Moments I remembered and moments I didn't!

When you're a bride on your wedding day... it's damn damn hard to be present and really experience every single thing. The photos live on.

Probably the best day of his life. Look at him grinning sia.

The dress code was not strict, but almost everyone came in like primary colours as requested. πŸ˜‚

"You're making a prudent investment in your life by marrying me. Sign here."

Clinched our business deal.

"How are you feeling?"


Hahaha. δΈŠδΊ†θ΄ΌθˆΉοΌ

It was such a good suggestion by our JP, Pauline, to give our moms a bouquet each, together with a thank you speech and hug.

Those moments were so warm and loving.

Surprisingly did not cry when hugging my mummy.

Hugging my new mummy... aka mummy no. 2.

Never see my father-in-law smile in photos before. So... my photogs really ι«˜ζ‹›.

We're adults! Yay!

I don't know how I ended up with the best vendors and friends helping for my wedding, but damn, it turned out so good.

I worked with Florals by Benita for my bridal bouquet and groom's boutonnière. She managed to get my theme and created a beautiful combination of burgundy and white... plus it had my favourite peonies. ❀️

For everyone who's wondering who did my decor...

1. Floral Arch - Eventually.SG

2. Interior and Reception Table - @The amazing @gimmycamy who went above and beyond with her calligraphy, framing, fake floral arrangements!

3. Chairs - Rented separately (but Eventually.SG kindly added the burgundy sashes even though I didn't order them... so nice right?

4. My bouquet and groom's boutonnière - @benita who was sooo awesome the flowers were so beautiful

Anyway, can't believe everything matched

A close up of the amazing arch. All fake flowers... but look so pretty right?

The arch was an offer at $288 (U.P: $388). Such a good price and they did SO much. I'm so grateful really.

If you haven't guessed... theme was burgundy and green and everyone was mentioning if it would look too "christmas". But OH MAH GAH I'm so glad my wedding vendors have such a good eye. They really brought that autumn theme to life. ❀️ η»™δ»–δ»¬εΎˆε€šθ΅žγ€‚LOL!

So touched by Eventtually for being so detail oriented and generous.

Actually I first noticed them from @estherxie wedding! She did her decor for the reception table and arch.

Eventtually also lent their LOVE marquee lights out of goodwill to match @gimmycamy's decor.

But please just admire Camy's hard work... the table runner, the magical ages Harry Potter hardcovers, the frames of my pre-wedding photos, the burgundy themed fake flowers (#yaaassss fake flowers) and the abundance of fairy lights. Soooo gorgeous.

For background, my husband proposed to me with my ring in a chicken McNugget box. This was like before all the mcnugget jokes circulated on Facebook... for real.

And Camy did these cute water colour and calligraphy quotes. (Some were such good puns too.) 😘

My gown was completely custom by my friend, Clarissa, from Charmed by Rae. She did such an amazing job.

To be honest, up to two weeks before my wedding before all the lace was finally up, I had no idea how it would really look at the end.

The end result was beyond what I had imagined. So so so blown away when I saw it all done. Trust in the professionals always!

I wanted my wedding dress to not stick to my body too tight. I wanted really dainty elegant lace and I was totally onboard with the beige/pink under white lace look since all white might look a bit flat. πŸ™ŒπŸ»

And I'm so happy I had my lace sleeves. I have been so so insecure about my body for my entire life, and it's the first time during my wedding, because of my gown and state of mind (didn't diet at all), I could truly enjoy it.

Venue for my solemnization and reception was The Armoury at South Beach Quarters.

Was looking for a central location and this turned out to be an excellent choice. The colonial building made everything look so quaint.

One of our usual awkward penguin hug. After 7 years of dating... we really are a 70 year old couple at heart.

Bonus kiss photo. Lol.

#dayrebrides #carefreeindebt #wedding #blocmemoire

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Friday, 1 Sep 2017

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rachelay (avatar)

rachelay beautiful! may i ask if your arch is from benita too? everything here looks so fun! :)

9 months ago

carinakee (avatar)

carinakee Love the color theme of your wedding! I'm interested to know about the arch too!

9 months ago

carriesim (avatar)

carriesim @rachelay @carinakee I got my arch from Eventtually.SG. They're pretty new, but they were really good with matching my burgundy theme and my friend Camy's DIY decor!

9 months ago

gimmycamy (avatar)

gimmycamy Next episode of #carefreeindebt... #dayrehome πŸ˜‚

9 months ago

carriesim (avatar)

carriesim @gimmycamy Hahahahahaha! You know it!

9 months ago

kaitinghearts (avatar)

kaitinghearts Beautiful photos indeed!!

9 months ago

carriesim (avatar)

carriesim @kaitinghearts Thanks babe! Photographers gong fu very high.

9 months ago

jannypenny (avatar)

jannypenny love ur photosss 😍 and beautiful decor!!!

9 months ago

Lambkins (avatar)

Lambkins congratulations on your beautiful solemnization!!! your photos are 😍😍😍

9 months ago

estherxie (avatar)

estherxie The photos are so gorgeous!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

9 months ago

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