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updated 10 months ago

Bathroom Business 2

Another #dayrehomes update again!

The bathroom tiling is done and now just pending the tile shelves, carpentry and installation of the bathroom accessories! So nice to see things come together.

Both drains using the hidden drain cover thing. I know I've been told it can get gross... let's see how it works out!

Surfing Instagram and spotted so many photos of pretty bathrooms. #bathroomgoals

Super unlikely my bathroom will be this dry! Hahaha.

Kitchen Base tiles are done too... we just anyhow took our bathroom floor tiles for this. Lol.

Today was PD door browsing day. So went to take a look at designs and to see if it would fit our master bedroom.

Tempted to get the wood finish but maybe a grey pattern would be best since there's gonna be too much different wood textures.

So thinking of this grey.

Preferred this in the end cos it looked simpler and more to my taste. Not a fan of the plastic lock though!

And there was the frosted glass one too!

This frame was more sturdy. But I wanted the simpler two full panels.

Second choice would be this wood look panel.

Anyone got PD Door too?

I know the durability is kinda low. Not sure if anyone has had theirs with no problem past 5 years!

Am also wondering if we should choose a bifold.

The husband said something funny about the PD Doors... we must be careful with it in case damage caused by us cos we are careless about the door.

"Wah. Don't use force with the door... Wait the thing spoil. Oh... wait we urgent how ah."

Flooring is gonna be done next week and first coat of paint too. I can't wait to visit #CareFreeAtHome next weekend!!

Trying to look for framing inspiration.

Smaller frames

Asymmetrical framing approach

Day 231

Saturday, 19 Aug 2017

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peccavi (avatar)

peccavi My PD doors are still going strong after 6 years. I am getting PD doors for my new place too but ID suggests heavy duty door frames...

10 months ago

itchytoes (avatar)

itchytoes I'm using pd doors too! Went for the wood grain design because it looked like it's more opaque, compared to the solid-coloured ones.

10 months ago

carriesim (avatar)

carriesim @peccavi Awesome! Good to hear. Kept hearing my husband talk about it being not durable so really good to hear that it's actually able to last.

9 months ago

carriesim (avatar)

carriesim @itchytoes The woodgrain ones are very pretty!

9 months ago

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