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February 2019

After a few nights of pretty decent sleep, tonight is horrid again. All because of a nightmare you had that left you really scared and insecure. Hang in there bubz! Mummy is by your side.

Time check 4am. I watched this through the baby monitor.Baby fussed and my mum offered milk which he accepted so my mum went to the kitchen to make milk. Zero fuss from baby, he just waited patiently like before. Milk came, drank it all up and went back lying down. This time, he was expecting some comfort patting and my mum didnt know. She was waiting in the living room, not knowing if she should wait and let him sleep alone or risk him wanting to carry.

Hardest night. We had to cut the carrying to sleep and watch you cry for 2h 40 min. Never have we done this before but we have to... we have to help you break this habit/expectation. You can have all the bao bao you want in the day ok? Mummy, daddy and popo all love you and wish you can have better quality sleeps.

January 2019

Worst immunization fever ever. Temp reached almost 39, his highest yet. And both my mum and i gasped. But we have an interesting discovery that X loves paracetamol! He took like a champ from the mini cup it came with! And that is even so when we woke him up at 9pm to take the medicine. Sadly he refused milk and just drank water. He ate so little dinner.My mum says he damn pantang one cannot say he got fatter recently... now he is gonna lose some weight. Ok i shuddap then 😭

Weaning off the pacifier is really hard. It is good that you seldom requests for your beloved tutu but sleep times are pretty bad. We pretty much regressed to having to carry you as a sleep prop with the withdrawal of the nifty prop. I hear you cry so badly. Coupled with you at the peak (i hope) of your separation anxiety, your cries (read screams) are so heart wrenching.This afternoon, i lost my cool after carrying you for 1.5 hours and i shouted at you.

I want to pen my thoughts down for future reference. Today i went to the gynae and am diagnosed with pcos. The joke is i went to the same gynae 6 years ago, took a hormone test and all that and she told me i was all good. But today her records state that i had pcos then already. And now, on hindsight, xuan is a miracle baby. I somehow did the right things to keep the pcos in check and got pregnant.So what did i do?

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