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Happy Easter everybody! ❤️

Us on the way to church this morning! Somebody was still in his sleepy mood 😅

Husby got him bathed and ready for church while I had breakkie and did my makeup and hair. Thank you love 😘

Fed Tyler in church nursery and he was all asleep after latch, but when I put him down into tummy position he immediately lighted up thinking it was playtime 😅 nursery was noisy and full of babies crying and sound from the live feed tv too so he couldn't fall asleep. Hence, playtime in the cot 😌

Very fascinated by the print on the bed sheet.

Suck his arm til all wet 💦💦

That's him trying to flip to the side but was stuck 😂😂

Today's crowd in church service! Sneaked in to the hall aft putting Tyler to sleep. Managed to catch 90% of the drama production! Second time watching and still so funny and touching 😭

Great job @nataliesia and @faithyeoh!! Miss acting alongside you girls! Can't wait to start drama trainings soon 😍

Sat right in front where the musicians were. It's the first time that we have live music and singing all the way. Watching them play gave me so much new found respect for the musicians. They were so focused and on point! So proud of them!

The set. Bad picture hahahhaha

Tyler is apparently a korkor magnet too!

Lunch at one of our cell group's favorite places- Zhia's Kitchen!

Had my usual again- salted fish + pork rice! Cheat day today la 😛

For some reason he was very intrigued by that glass of iced milo. His gaze was fixated on it the whole time. Milo lover like mommy? 🤔

Right after lunch we went to Space Lab to meet with its owners and my event planner for Tyler's 100 Days party! 🎉

Rmb I was seriously contemplating on whether I should do a full moon party or 100 days party? Aft roughly writing out our guest list, I realized that we had wayyyyyy too many family members and wayyyyy too many friends to have everyone in one event together.

So we decided that we would do full moon for just family alone (close relatives from both sides amounting to abt 80 ppl).

And then 100 days for just immediate families and friends alone. Actually Tyler's 100 days is over edi but we weren't free and some of our family members weren't around, so we decided to do it on a later date!

That's Sandra (left) from Space Lab, an event space in Sunway catering for various types of event from birthdays, to seminars, workshops, shoots, launches, and so on. I wanted a space do fit at least 80 ppl (and they can fit up to 100), as well as somewhere well lighted and bright. Aft looking high and low and asking cafes aft cafes (that charge wayyyy to high for a 3-hour thing), I found Space Lab to be perfect cos it fits whatever I was looking for!

And that's Cloey (right) from Papergoodz that is an event planning company for everything from parties, weddings to other events. They're organizing everything for me from decor to food, invited to gift packs, which is something I'm truly truly thankful for cos I simply don't have the time to do so much! Cloey and her team are so efficient! They proposed to do more than I even asked or imagined, and I'm just so impressed. Can't wait to see everything coming to reality! 😍

On the most left is Dr Eric who's one of the co-owners of Space Lab (who also goes to my church!), and on the right, my new lovely talent manager, Fiona! Thanks for being there to liaise everything for me even on a weekend! Appreciate it so much 😘

Oh, on the bottom left are Tyler's fatty legs 😂🍗

That's the crew from Papergoodz taking measurements of the place. They were discussing on how to decorate the place while Cloey and I met to finalize things.

And here are my "crew" lol 😂😂

Thanks mommy @mayleng for taking care of Tyler while I was at meeting! And @qqthepancake + Pat who came by just to be there ❤️ and @boonhock for taking the photos 😛😘

Day 87

Sunday, 27 Mar 2016

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antonialim (avatar)

antonialim So chubby 😍😍

3 years ago

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faithyeoh Can't wait for you to be back in action gurl! Christmas maybe!

3 years ago

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