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Baby Experts! Wow.

Why are there so many baby experts everywhere???!

These baby experts have comments on EVERY FREAKIN THING about my pregnancy.

And best part is, they're not even a mum, and they're not even married. Or attached. And they don't even know a single shit about pregnancy.

BUT WAIT! They are experts in telling whether your bump is a girl or boy! They're already telling me the gender because they're experts. And they insist on it. Wow why am I spending time n money to visit my gynae then?

Amazing indeed.

AND WAIT, that's not it! They also know exactly just how big a 5-month bump is supposed to look like!

"Huh you're 5 months edi??? Why so small wan???"

"Huh where is your bump???"

"Wah your bump is so small for a 5 months!"

While I'm supposed to be thankful that instead of getting, "What you're only 5 months? But your bump is so big wan??!", I'm getting the opposite.

But you know what, getting the opposite is just about as sucky.

I know I won't be feeling fat and self-conscious about my size compared to my fellow preggers who receive such comments, I do feel quite self-conscious- about whether or not my baby is indeed too small for his or her age.

"Is my bump really too small for a 5 months baby?"

"Is my baby growing too slowly?"

"Is my baby doing ok?"

"Am I abnormal?"

These days, when I enter a room ppl stare right at my tummy first because they know I'm pregnant.

I'm getting it so much that it's becoming kinda awkward. Ppl don't say hi to my face anymore. They say hi to my tummy (after staring for at least a good 5 secs). I understand if they're intrigued. It's fine if they stare and ask me how's my pregnancy going or just anything that isn't totally unnecessary.

But some ppl for the sake of starting a conversation go about touching (molesting) my tummy, make comments about my bump size and insisting they know the gender from the shape. Expert!!!

They might say, "Well I'm just saying only what. I don't mean any harm. Why so sensitive?"

Well, if you have nothing better to say, don't say anything. Making comments or statements about a pregnant lady (especially insensitive ones) does wonders to screw up her emotions and self-esteem.

So the next time you have a pressing urge to showcase your expertise in pregnancy, hold it, swallow it, and the world will be a happier place with one less idiot.

So tempted to blog a full post about this because I've had enough and I've heard enough. I'm only 5 months into my pregnancy and there are so much more that ppl can compare with and comment about in the next couple of months, after I give birth, how I look like after that, natural with epidural or not, c section and why, breastfeeding or not, why feed formula, why my baby no hair, why my baby cannot talk yet, why my baby so small sized, why my baby not friendly, why why why why why.

Ppl need to realize that they're being total inconsiderate idiots who are just saying things just because, but not realizing that their comments hurt and affect others who cry behind close doors.

It's hard enough being pregnant, I don't need to tolerate your nonsense. I have less tolerance for nonsense and it's just gonna decrease gradually so yea, might as well let the whole world know.

Preggers friends are sharing with me on how they're hurt by insensitive comments from fellow women. Women!

They're mothers n non mothers alike. Making comments about their weight, how their skin has deteriorated, asking them not to overeat cos they're too big for their pregnancy now.

Wow so many experts! I'll come back with a full blog post to address all the idiots when I'm feeling less tired. But for now, end of rant.

To all mummies who went through this, I feel u now. To all preggers who are going through this, you're not alone. But yeah, it's time they know they're actually not experts at all.

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Friday, 17 Jul 2015

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Dimplesofmine (avatar)

Dimplesofmine Lol. I am getting used to it. Some ppl even asked me if I still drive to work. Why am I still working etc 😅 8 months pregnant cannot drive and work ? Stay at home doing nothing to wait until EDD?

4 years ago

Kookycookie (avatar)

Kookycookie Yes people just can't hold their tongues! But I think all the unsolicited advice/ opinions during pregnancy serve a purpose, and that's to get the mother-to-be prepared for the barrage of crap that you'll get once the baby actually arrives because it gets so much worse! Hang in there and have a wonderful rest of your pregnancy!

4 years ago

SleepyMomma (avatar)

SleepyMomma I feel you. Very insensitive and nosey. Highly irritating. Tell them, "It's okay. I know what to do. Thx". And if they continue, I keep repeating that line. Until they get the point that no matter what they say, I'm not gonna listen to them. Try it :(

4 years ago

SleepyMomma (avatar)

SleepyMomma oops i mean :)

4 years ago

chhhhh (avatar)

chhhhh 😅😅😅 oh dear! I don't think I can tolerate other people touching my tummy...
Interestingly, my gynae just casually prepared me don't listen to yi ma gu jie about all the nonsense advice like you should eat more etc...

4 years ago

nataliesia (avatar)

nataliesia Haha once you become a mum, it's like you enter a world of judgement. Everyone also can judge. Very geng one 😒😤

4 years ago

peikhee (avatar)

peikhee Totally feel you. 😅

4 years ago

Strawbeeshortcake (avatar)

Strawbeeshortcake Hahaha ikr. Mothers non mothers all can be very judgemental and its soooo annoying. I had a mom friend who commented on every single things she sees on insta. Drink yakult also told me cannot cause its too sweet. Fed my baby pumpkin and say its too high in vitamin e. Either way this people will always judge and very often judge too soon. Then again there are also positive mums who give good encouraging advices. When i was pretty i close the doors of the negative friends and hang more with the encouraging ones. It really helps alot. I mean the pregnancy is already hard enough i dont need anymore negativity man.

4 years ago

Strawbeeshortcake (avatar)

Strawbeeshortcake *when i was pregnant

4 years ago

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