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May 2019

I just remembered I have this whole bunch of fabrics that I got before I discovered I was pregnant. I should get back to it before I start work!

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Aiyo I kept giving her the boob; then gave her bottle cos I thought she was so hungry. Turns out she just wants to sleep! Why didn’t I get the cue when she kept crying when I fed her! Slept almost instantly after I carried her without feeding! Dots mummy.....She’s so nice to cuddle now.

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Happy 2nd month baby! Took 2 jabs plus an oral vaccine today. Drank milk at 2pm and slept till 8. Didn’t even stir when you were transferred from car seat to the house and even with all that noise when your kor kor and jie jie came home. Woke up but didn’t want bottle so you chose to continue with sleep. Latched when I came home at 8and continued with sleep. Hmmm hope all is good!

My day today:8am: feed gm, get myself dressed, get kids out of house9am: chase everyone out of house. Bring blanket, bedsheet and mattress protector out.9.15am: drop kids off at school.9.30am: breakfast with T (no, this is a once in a blue moon and impromptu thing which kind of disrupted my marketing plans)10.15am: sends T to work10.30am: to market. Bought pork, chicken, veg, prawns, dried goods11.20am: arrives home, decide if I should boob or pump. 11.30am: stares at sleeping baby.

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K: Mummy, I want to wear the pring prong unicorn T-shirt. Me: What pring prong unicorn T-shirt?! K: The new one! The one! Pring (hand action up) prong (hand action down on front of chest, flipping like those sequin T-shirts) like that one!Me: Pring prong ah?! Hahahhahahaha How did she even conclude the word pring prong! Lol and her unicorn T-shirt’s sequins cannot even “pring prong”!Even she laughed after i laughed out damn loudly!

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Gm’s first shopping experience

I haven’t had a decent shot for a long time. Thanks.

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